We coach property investors on how to buy and trade property as well as build strong-cash-flow residential property portfolios. We provide authentic property investment education, guidance and support. All of our coaches have successfully built multi-million dollar portfolios, and we teach from our own real-life experience.

Our aim is to provide you with property investment education, support & guidance. We'll give you the priceless knowledge to buy and trade property successfully and to be able to build a strong positive cashflow property portfolio that will create wealth and provide passive income to give you financial independence.

Unlike most property investment courses, we provide hands-on, in-the-market education. We teach the numbers to safely buy, renovate and either sell for a profit or hold for cashflow. We'll visit properties with you clients and help you gain the confidence to analyze your own deals. We have personally bought, renovated and traded hundreds of properties in the last 10 years,  and we teach our experience by giving our students experience.