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Invest Wisely, Build Wealth

Take Your Investing to a Whole New Level

Our experienced team of property investors have multi-million dollar property portfolios in New Zealand. Through our proven coaching programs and in-depth education we will guide you to become a successful property investor within as little as 90 days.


Take ACTION Today to Change Your Life and Build Your Future INDEPENDENCE

We offer the LEGACY BUILDER Coaching Program to help you create:

SECURITY for Your Family
Long Term WEALTH

with the support and guidance to keep you safe.

Our Story

2 property coaches. 19 properties . . . and counting.

Today we provide a unique perspective and proven programs that provide maximum value and benefit to our clients.

We offer multiple property solutions:

Investment Students
Business Owners

Let us help you INVEST WISELY and BUILD WEALTH with security.

The PropertyMaster Coaches

Jen Loveridge

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Daryll Denyer

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Build Wealth with Legacy Builder:

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